Makarska Riviera - "Fifty shades of blue"

Instead of sand – little stones, instead of gin & tonic – borovička, instead of pop music – lessons of salsa followed by slovakian ľudovky. What’s that? Amazing holiday in Croatia with UNIDC! Croatian beaches look like Caribbean, the sea is so clean and you can see there at least 5 (or 50?) different shades of blue. The nature is wonderful; Makarska Riviera is surrounded by mountains which makes it even more stunning! Who has never heard of this wonderful summer paradise in the middle of Europe, listen up! 

We sometimes call Croatia “Slovakian sea” as we are not that fortunate to have one, and it is not that far from Slovakia, so you can easily get there by car. And there is lot  of Slovak people having a vacation, so be careful with your language, haha. You will be surprised by number of restaurants, bars and shops in this harbor-town! It basically lives from the tourists, so you have there a lot to choose from. From Makarska you can do lot of trips to explore Croatia further, either by boat, raft, jet ski, or motorcycle. We did it all on our holiday with UNIDC!

“Life is not about how far you travel, it is about what you discover…”

What is UNIDC? It is University Dance Center from Slovakia, that was established for lovers of dance to keep themselves in shape while studying at the university. UNIDC operates nowadays in 17 universities in Slovakia and offers lot of different courses from latino, through classical dance or dancehall, to yoga or even Slovakian folklore (ľudovky). Every year UNIDC organizes summer latino holiday, and this year I had a chance to finally go there with my friends, and it was unforgettable.

Our journey there took a while because we went there with a bus and had to stop every 4 hours and also to pick up some people in two cities. But it was a lot of fun. We got to our destination in the morning, but as we couldn’t check in yet, we just went for a coffee.

Every morning we started our day with lessons of Zumba, that we did on the pier with a stunning view of the sea.  And every evening we started with lesson of Latino dance while looking at amazing sunset. During the day we were sunbathing on the beach, swimming and playing some games in the water. This holiday went so fast mostly because of my crazy funny friends, but also because of all the attractions Makarska has to offer!

Five things to do in Makarska

  1. Go on the boat trip 

  2. Rent scouters and rive around the island

  3. Go to do rafting

  4. Go crazy on jet ski

  5. Walk around the harbor

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5 things to do in Makarska Riveria

My TOP's in Makarska

TOP Restaurant – Lavander

This restaurant is really great! It has huge terrace and also romantic tables almost at the beach. Design is very nice and cozy. It looks fancy there, but personnel don’t require you to be dressed up there during the day. The portions they give you are huge. In addition to their normal menu offers, they have lunch menu for a special price including soup, main course and dessert. We went there several times for lunch, and all the time we were very happy, and sooo full! Great value for money!

Address: Šetalište Dr. Franje Tuđmana 15A, 21300, Makarska, Croatia

Top Nightclub – DEEP

Our last night in Makarska, we decided to go nuts and spend it in ‘dancing all night’ style. We finished in the club called Deep, which was very good choice! Since we were in Croatia the last week of summer, lot of clubs were already kind of closed or not playing whole week long. However, this was not a problem for us, since we made party everywhere where we came, haha. It should be mentioned, that this club is very special as it is situated in the cave. It looks very interesting and nice having a party in the cave surrounded by the sea. The DJ was really good playing popular music and making all club dance.

Address: Šetalište fra Jure Radića 5a, 21300, Makarska, Croatia

Top Cocktail Bar – Bounty

It is very nice and stylish cocktail bar. They also serve a food, but amazing cocktails and also ice-cream! If you are a big group be ready to have cash.

Address: Š. Dr. F. Tuđmana 2, 21300, Makarska, Croatia

Top Beach – Buba bar beach

You can rent the parasol and sunbed in ‘Buba bar’ area, and they are very nice and comfortable! In addition to that, you have an amazing view on the sea and mountains over there. I would say, very picturesque area! Moreover, after 2 o’clock DJ starts to play music so you will definitely have fun! You can get nice cold beer, cider or gemist (Croatian white wine and carbonated water – very good!) and number of cocktails over there. From there, it is possible to do bungee jumping!

Address: Put Cvitačka, 21300, Makarska, Croatia

I would like to thank you with this post Igor Revay, the founder of UNIDC and my good friend, for organizing this amazing latino holiday, my two best friends who are my sisters Adka and Veronika, and my friends from back home that made this week damn awesome and all new great people that I had a chance to meet.

Hope to see you all again in Makarska Riviera next year!

Sending love from UNIDC in Croatia,

Stella Christie

Photo credit: Peter Bojo