City break in beautiful Barcelona, Spain

City break in beautiful Barcelona, Spain

It’s been almost two years since I was in Barcelona. This city is amazing! Tapas, sangria and Spanish music in the air! That’s all I need! I know that for the most people Barcelona is at the heart of ‘must do destinations’ and for some of them its’s top European metropolis. So I wanted to find out why. Therefore, to visit Barcelona was one of my dreams. My good Spanish friend wanted to introduce me this beautiful city and send me a surprise one-way flight ticket on my email. I was shocked, and couldn’t wait with packing!

Day 1

I took a direct flight from Bratislava, Slovakia. It took approximately 2 hours, but I was flying with Ryanair so I landed in Barcelona, Girona which is maybe 1 hour from the city centre. We were staying at the hotel in the city centre. I was quite tired because I was travelling most of the previous day, so I took a long nap in that super comfy Marriott bed.

Later we went out to try some of the restaurants. The service was brilliant and the food was great, even though I couldn’t finish it (typical me).

That night was very special for most of the FC Barcelona fans. There was a final match of the Spanish football cup. Of course, we couldn’t miss it! We got one of the best seats, with a really good view. I am not that much into football (except that I was playing it as a little, and I am always cheering up my little brother and dad when they are playing), but when you are in Barcelona, and there is a final Spanish cup, obviously you want to see it.

That atmosphere was incredible! And the arena was completely sold out. However, they don’t sell a beer in the arena, which was quite surprising (bad surprise) but of course due to the safety reasons. I get that. Guys get quite angry if it doesn’t go as they want, haha.

Day 2

Next morning, we didn’t take a breakfast at Marriott, but we went to the streets to try their traditional breakfast cafés. Such a good idea! Do it if you can, because they have so many small little cafes with amazing croissants, eggs, Spanish bread with ham…all you need for breakfast. We ate so much, haha.  Our first destination was obviously famous – never finished Sagrada Familia. The queue was huge, so we actually didn’t go in.

There is a lovely park around the Sagrada Familia, but the lake was quite dirty and green. Never mind, I love palm trees, and together with the famous church, it made a perfect picturesque view. Under this trees, you barely can see any construction going on, haha. But who knows if it will be ever finished? And when?

So we can’t wait for a perfect moment. We have to take the moment, and make it perfect 🙂

Park Guell

The weather was surprisingly (again) not that good. I was flying from Slovakia, where was every day above 32 degrees, and I came to Spain expecting also the similar temperature. But unfortunately, this was not the case, even that we were in the middle of August. But anyway, for sightseeing it was fine, not too hot. So we decided to do the most of it and proceed to the second ‘MUST’ – Park Guell. Get ready for plenty of pictures!

Park Guell is amazing. You can get lost there for hours and still find something interesting, inspiring and beautiful. Also, nature is very nice, lovely flowers and palm trees everywhere, and bonus – great view over Barcelona!

After the Park Guell, we were so into the Gaudi style so we continued with his ‘sights’ but this time in the city centre. Such strange building!

And one more ‘weird’ building from the hands of architect Gaudi.

Later we went to see the Cathedral. It was very nice, but suddenly it got quite warm, haha.

Following pictures will be from some random streets in Barcelona. We were just walking around and enjoying special atmosphere in this city!

Later that night we went for a dinner outside and saw lightened Gaudi building. It looks wonderful, definitely worth to see it!

Finally, I could actually wear this summer dress, as Denmark doesn’t give me this option, haha. Dinner was nice, we sat on the terrace and enjoyed tapas and sangria. However, what scared me was that for one hour, we saw two thieves. First, someone stole Gucci bag from the other table nearby, and later someone else stole iPhone 7 from another table next to us. If you are going to Barcelona be very careful of pickpockets!

That’s why I always have my purse around my arms, but there I had to also hold it while walking through the crowd. It gets quite crowded in the city centre during the night and I guess it’s a paradise for thieves. Later that night we walked around the harbour which was really nice with all the lightened buildings. I really wanted to go to the casino (for whatever reason) so we went to. Nice thing was that we got there by taxi, and there was red carpet (we felt like superstars haha).

Then we got a champagne over there, but we lost money (such a surprise) so we just went back to the hotel. Or did we go dancing? Who should remember all that after all these glasses of sangria? 🙂

Day 3

Is it already three days since we are here?? Time fly so fast in Barcelona! On the third day, we visited the most beautiful church I have ever seen. TIBIDABO. Once I want to have a wedding there! (if I have a potential husband, haha). Look and be stunned as I am!

Simply beautiful. No words needed. And you still haven’t seen it from inside. And the view from the top! That’s breathtaking. Definitely worth a visit!

It is possible to walk up, and there is actually another church on the top of this one. Who would ever expect that? And then, you can walk with a lot of stairs up to the statue of Jesus Christ. All these steps are outside so you can enjoy a beautiful view, but it also might be quite scary for people who are scared of height.

Here are some snaps on the way up.

And on the Top. Rio de Janeiro in Europe! Definitely my most favourite spot in Barcelona! There is also small luna park so it can be fun for families with kids. Next to it is a big terrace with a lot of outdoor restaurants with affordable prices and good meals. We also ate there and it was very nice. Love the view from Tibidabo.

Our next stop was ‘fabulous’ penis building. I was just interested to see how it actually looks and if it’s really big as they say, haha. Or did we find it by accident? Aaand it IS big. And doesn’t look particularly nice. At least for me, it wasn’t that interesting. We found a beach though and had some beers over there.

On the last night there we ‘had to’ (he said so) go to see the singing fountain. The whole name is The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.  It is a splendid mix of dancing water with colourful show and music. Pure magic as they say! It was really spectacular and I would definitely recommend to put it on your ‘to see’ list. Here we go some of the last pictures.

Day 4

On our last day, we decided to chill at the beach. Finally, I got a new beautiful swimming costume from my favourite Calzedonia. Love this store, but unfortunately, we don’t have it in Denmark. The beach was lovely, even though we had to go maybe around half an hour by train to get there. There are also some beaches almost at the city side, but as my Spanish guide said, they are not that beautiful. Close to that beach were a lot of fancy restaurants with beautiful terraces. So we went to one of them to try amazing fresh seafood. Completely in love with Spanish cuisine after this week!

I want to thank my great Spanish amigo to take me there 🙂 It was a wonderful trip! 

Hasta la vista Barcelona <3

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