Boat trip to Hvar & Brac

Boat trip to Hvar & Brac

Makarska is a great place for summer holiday, but if you like sailing, and you would like to see more of this amazing land, then I would definitely recommend to do a boat trip to see surrounding islands. We booked a day trip on the boat called Viganj. 

Viganj boat is normally ‘parked’ in the Makarska harbor. We heard about the offer from local ‘brand ambassador’. The boat came to pick us up close by the restaurant Lavander. You can prepare to get a welcome shot of Rakija (typical Croatian alcohol) early after departure!

Our first stop was on the island Hvar. We have seen some of the harbor and then just walked around, because we had only one hour. So we decided to try their Gemist and enjoyed ‘being lost’ in this little Croatian harbor village. It was actually nice, and not that big and streets reminded me very much Venice or also some other Italian cities with very narrow streets.

On the way towards Brac, we were served a lunch on the board! It was local white fish with a white wine. Very delicious. When we finally get to harbor in Brac, we decided to take ‘sea taxi’ towards famous beach Bol. We have seen this beach already in the number of pictures and it looked amazing so we simply had to go there. It is also possible to walk there, and it takes around an hour. Prepare to see ‘fifty shades of blue’ water over there. Sea looks absolutely stunning and I fall in love with Croatia over there!

There is a number of water attractions and boats as well. We also enjoyed some waves. We could stay there for around 4 hours, so we used this for swimming, sunbathing, some drinking haha and of course having fun. On the way back we played some games and we even saw the dolphins. It was the very first time in my life to see the dolphins and probably for most of us, which made it very special! It was a great day trip and we had so much fun.

On the way back to Makarska we took some more pictures just because everything looked so fabulous, we we were just so happy!

“A journey is measured in friends rather than miles.”

And I am so grateful and happy that I have these amazing friends who made the trip incredible, and that I was also very lucky to meet these great people and make new friendships and memories.

Photo credit: Peter Bojo

Sending lot of love from Slovakian sailors in Adriatic sea <3

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