The best beach in Denmark, Rørvig

The best beach in Denmark, Rørvig

Have you ever heard the name of this little danish village, or maybe more accurately residence of summerhouses besides the long and amazing beach? If not, listen up! I had a chance to visit this place because of wonderful family of my ex-boyfriend, and even though the weather was not that summery, we had an amazing time and also some sun – and viking bath in the sea! There is a lot to see in Denmark besides Copenhagen, and one of these places is Rørvig. If you want to know more about our weekend over there, read my following travel diary.

Day 1

When dad of my ex-boyfriend said that we can visit them in their summerhouse there was no doubt about going there! And when Nicklas told me that it is located close to the beach and we need to take a ferry to get there I was so excited. The only thing that hampered me was my job and also this unpredictable Danish weather. Yep, you cannot make any plans whatsoever; because this weather can change from one minute to another and especially now in the summer you can’t really rely on the weather forecast. However, we decided to go there when I finally got 2 days off from work even if it was during the weak. First we took S train to Hillerød and from there we took another yellow train towards almost the end of the island Sjælland. It was nice journey and we could take also our bikes with us which made it really fast. Then we took a ferry towards Rørvig, where bikes were allowed as well. The journey on the ferry took only about 25 minutes, but the wind there made it quite memorable. We made somehow some snaps of us with a windy hair and it was quite fun. I almost did not feel my ears. When I finally saw the land I got excited. It was possible to see beautiful lines of the harbor.

It was almost the end of the evening when we finally reached our destination. The harbor offered us memorable view over the sea and boats. There was a small beach and kids trying to catch some fish or crabs. We took immediately pictures and then we headed towards famous summerhouse.

It took us approximately 15 minutes by bike, but I sincerely enjoyed the ride because there was lot of typical Danish houses that you don’t see in Copenhagen or in other big cities in Denmark. In some of them was even roof made of dry grass like in old days! The names of the streets were nicely visible so to orientate there was quite easy. We found our summerhouse literally in the middle of the forest. Nicklas father and wife were waiting for us with a bottle of Rosé. It was very nice to chat outside on the terrace in the middle of the forest and finally to get fresh air and peace from the city center. Later we ate dinner together and it was Nicklas’s favorite dish – steak with a béarnaise sauce. For the dessert we had raspberries with a cream. Yummy!!! Then we took a nice night walk towards the beach. We had to go through the forest, but I love forest so for me it was a pleasure. The beach looked amazing! The only one thing missing to make it perfect was to have nice summer dress! (I wish it would be warmer in Denmark, haha).

However, it was already around 10 PM and very cold so only the dump would wear a dress in this circumstances. So we just came back to our lovely cottage which looked like from a fairytale and get some more Valpolicella wine.

Day 2

We woke up around 9 in the morning for a breakfast. Marie prepared them on the terrace, but when we started to eat, it started to rain! So we just came back to the kitchen and ate there. At this moment I didn’t believe that the weather could just suddenly change. Anyway, in around an hour the rain stopped so we just went to the beach. It was quite cold, but the air was fresh after the rain. When we got to the beach, the clouds went away and the sky was getting more and more blue. Aww, my hearth got excited! I turned around and these two were already in the water! Crazy, I was thinking… Then, they yelled at us: Come on, come to the sea! The water is great! Then some kind of instinct said to me: “Don’t do it!” But it was too late, I already persuaded Nicklas to come with me. It was sooo cold, but it was really exciting so we just went to the waves and started to slash on each other. After a short swim, I became a true Viking – swimming in the North Sea! 😀

We found one small place where wind didn’t reach us – adequate for a sunbathing. Then we stayed there maybe for two more hours, just lying on the beach and breathing a salt from the water. Awesome. Later, we came back home and after the shower I realized that I look like fresh baked shrimp. I got sooo pink and I would not even say that it was hot outside and this is all because of the North wind! Whatever.

Then we were just sitting on the terrace and drinking coffee and later we went a bit explore the local area. The small town is really small and when we were looking for a restaurant to sit, we didn’t find anything where we really wanted to go. So then we decided to go to the harbor in Rørvig. There was plenty of restaurants on the way there, even if some of them were quite expensive. We found one cozy restaurant with a nice terrace and affordable prices so we sit there and ate dinner all together. Later we just did a walk around the harbor and take a really great ice-cream there. On the parking spot was a meeting place for veteran cars, which was a pretty good timing. We took lot of pictures (just me, haha) with old fashion cars and nice boats, even found one Viking boat. Later we got back to summerhouse and enjoy a bit of wine with a nice company.

Day 3

Finally, nice and sunny morning for having a breakfast on the terrace.  Later in the morning, we went to this amazing beach and stay there whole 4 hours. Then we just got back home, had a coffee and packed our things, because mini golf was waiting for us. Mini golf in Rørvig was really mini, but offered 20 different stations so we played at least one hour. It was fun. Then we went to the harbor and take some chicken with French fries and the time of our departure was coming. We said goodbye and thank you to Nicklas dad and Marie and I was already a bit sad to leave this small Danish paradise and coming back to reality.

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